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Dreams, Passion, Destiny & Our Family Blessing


My name is Charlie McCarthy, Wendy is my wife, and Weefan South is one of our family owned American wedding photography companies. 


As young children, my wife Wendy and I each had dreams of one day becoming professional photographers. We both remember the very first day we held a camera like we remember our first day of school. It was the beginning of our dream, our passion and our destiny. Here we are years later, blessed with a team of the best photographers anywhere, who are passionate about photography and people!


​Each image we take, is with passion for photography, and concern for our clients. We love working with lighthearted and fun couples, who are serious about looking great in pictures. We are committed to providing images that are less posed and more like a reflection of an artist working with a couple naturally in love.

We're Truly Blessed!

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